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Nike The Black Mamba Campaign 2011 (Drew)

The Nike ‘Black Mamba’ Campaign focuses on raising the awarenes of Nike’s ‘Zoom Kobe VI’ shoes. In the run up to the Basketball All Star Weekend a much hyped 6 minute spot directed by Robert Rodriguez was released. ‘The Black Mamba,’ is essentially a hyper cliched exploitation-style plot – multiple villains (Danny Trejo as “The Crippler,” Bruce Willis as “Mr Suave”), set against an urban wasteland reminiscent of Sin City (which Rodriguez directed). The film cuts between action scenes, and shots of Kobe and Rodriguez running through the story boards. The grand finale is firmly tongue-in-cheek, and as sensible as a Mortal Kombat movie: Kanye West as “The Boss,” commanding a team of demon ballers, a helicopter escape, a basketball bomb.

A social media campaign also ties into the film with Nike encouraging their followers to tweet about the shoes and the film regularly. Thay hav a target of how many people have to tweet about them per hour for more content to be released.


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Dunhill SS11 ‘Voice’ Campaign (Julia)

For SS11, Dunhill shakes things up with a new campaign featuring gasp- real people.  Alfred Dunhill recognizes achievement, drive, ambition, and all the other factors needed to succeed, and celebrates them.  It is titled “Voice” and is a portfolio of British men wearing Dunhill (an outfit of their choosing) and an interview.  It is quite possibly one of the most interesting campaigns this season.

21/01/11, Eunice, Wonderland Blog

Sir David Frost

Print ad from Wallpaper, Issue 144, March 2011


Harland Miller

Print ad from Wallpaper, Issue 144, March 2011

Charlie Siem

Print ad in Wallpaper, Issue 144, March 2011

This campaign continues on the website too:

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Sneakerheads Show Sole Devotion To Footwear (Julia)

2004 article

“I wear shoes out that most people don’t have,” Wang said. “You have what other people want. That is part of what drives sneakerheads.”

Keith Hufnagel, a professional skateboarder who owns Huf boutique, agreed that small stores like his are important for big shoe companies and enable them to create a bigger buzz for their products. “They are catering to this business because it makes their brands cool,” Hufnagel said. “Having people line up to buy their shoes helps their image.”

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Sneaker Head: The History of Sneakers (Julia)

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Sneaker Head by Jay Wise (Julia)

Jay Wise is quickly creating a buzz online with his new track titled “Sneaker Head”. The New York wordsmith takes a sample from “Addiction” by Ryan Leslie and Cassie and uses it to express his addiction for sneakers and how they make him feel.

It was love at first sight / with my first pair of nikes/ the grape jordan 5 / made me feel like I could fly / these bo jackson’s / will always be classic / like reeboks / I feel like I need detox / so don’t question any of my answers / I’ll cross you in my questions from the answer / I stay strapped like a pair of air raid’s / or the grape 8′s / please no fake apes / cause the gray bapes / are more like my fav apes / them chuck tayors have me feeling like dre day / I’m like pharrell for real in these ice creams / it like I feel like my heal got a light beam / in those glow in darks / the year of the dogs / kermit the frog’s / look it up on the blogs/ maybe nice kicks / hypebeast for hype shit / dunk hi wu tang all about my fly kicks

2nd verse

I’m so addicted / house made of sneaker boxes if I get evicted / I am just kidding / maybe I’m not / I stand for some hours on a line on the block / just to cop at the spot / I’m so addicted for those marge simpson’s / is like I put the tip in / start twitching / sneaker junkie / waste my food money / on the air yeezy’s now I’m feeling hungry / but feel flyer / giggady giggady when I’m in the quagmire’s / the peacock ‘s is fire / the haze got me higher / i’m talking about the dunks / or when i’m pumping my pumps just to make the tighter / so keep pumping / air max 95 they help me help running / chasing my dreams / or am I chasing a high I don’t know how it seems / I’m just trying to stay fly / I’m a fean and I know it I’m just trying to get by

3rd verse

See These Philippine air force’s / got me feel like Pac Man no lose’s / Mr. and Mrs. Pacman’s so awesome / gold supra’s limited you I got em / there is no Robin / when I’m wearing the batman’s / waiting for the concord’s just to come back man / chilling with some pigeon’s / grilling at my pigeon’s / undefeated 4′s got me so addicted / this is my addiction

// //

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Ways You Know You’re a Sneakerhead (Julia)

Taken from Kicks On Fire. Worth a look at theit videos, forums and blog

1. You do not wear certain sneakers to parties/clubs because you are afraid someone is going to step on them.

2. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes.

3. You want multiple pairs of the same shoe.

4. Your computer background is an Air Jordan.

5. The first thing that you when you get a fresh pair of shoes is hold them to your face like a oxygen mask and inhale.

6. You clean your shoes after every wear.

7. You know a fake shoe when you see it.

8. You know all the release date for Jordans.

9. Your room is a mess but your sneaker boxes are packed neatly in one corner.

10. You keep a sneaker cleaning kit handy.

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Double Select: Shoe Shots, Top 10 Of 2010 & Sneakerpedia (Julia)


Double Select  was established in 2007 as the first site to exclusively bring up to date information on luxury limited edition sneakers from around the globe.  Double Select’s contributors are footwear connoisseurs who have traveled the world in search of the perfect shoe.


Voxpops of shoes of sneakers taken in different locations.

SHOE SHOTS- LONDON FIELDS Apr. 2010 from Double Select on Vimeo.

SHOE SHOTS AUG. 2010 Columbia Flower Market from Double Select on Vimeo.

SHOE SHOTS PARIS May 2010 from Double Select on Vimeo.

TOP 10 OF 2010

No. 7 New Balance Japan a20

Top 10 Sneakers of 2010 from Double Select on Vimeo.


Also, look a their sneakerpedia, particularly the pages for New Balance, Asics, Onitsuka Tiger, Puma & Lacoste.

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